Pamper Your Pet with Our Luxury Services

At The Pet Spa & Resort, we offer a wide range of services for your pet dog. Whether your pet will be boarding with us for a time, enjoying our luxury dog grooming, reveling in our day care services, our staff of experienced handlers is ready to take care of them.

Located in Franklin, N.J., we're confident your pet will always enjoy its visit.


Vacations are great. They allow you to unwind, as well as see and experience new things. Most importantly, they allow you to get away from your day-to-day life. Unfortunately, you can't always take your pet with you. As difficult as it may be to leave them behind, your four-legged friend will love their vacation at The Pet Spa & Resort. Trust us to provide your pet with the love, affection, and care they deserve. They will enjoy their time away as much as do you.

Day Care

Maybe your puppy has separation anxiety and tears up your home while you're at work, your home is being fumigated, your companion can't be home during the day, or you just want your dog to work off their excessive energy. No matter what your reason is, your dog will love our day care services. After all, dogs are pack animals and love socializing. Not only will they be around other dogs, but they'll also have playtime, lots of affection, and plenty of room to burn off energy.

Two Dogs at Day Care

White Terrier Boxer Rottweiler Shih Tzu

Terrier Mix


A dirty coat doesn't just make you wrinkle your nose when you get near your best friend. However, keeping your fur baby clean not only gives them a nice healthy coat, but it also protects them from developing skin irritations and parasites. Let our professional groomers pamper your dog with anything from a simple toe nail clipping to a full grooming session. Our pet grooming options will fit any of your pet's needs.


Located on a sprawling 28 acres with miles of nature trails, The Pet Spa & Resort offers many high-quality amenities designed for the comfort and enjoyment of your pet! We offer the following:

  • Spacious Indoor/Outdoor Runs
  • Skylights in Kennel Area
  • Beds/Blankets/Toys Provided
  • Radiant Heated Floors
  • Air Conditioning
  • Food & Treats Provided
  • 7 Large Play Yards
  • Pools in Play Yard